Joy is an inner delight that manifests itself in a ready and a good belly’s laugh-ability to laugh deeply.

According to Dr. Lee Berk, “Laughter boosts the immune system and reduces dangerous stress hormones in the body”. Laughter can lower blood pressure. Smile habitually at people with every given opportunity and you will feel emotionally and physically at ease.

Happiness is found in external happenings or experiences. Joy is found in internal fulfillment or purpose. Happiness is bound to the gratification of the five senses; joy is rooted in the sixth sense-the spiritual self. Happiness is pleasure-based; joy is purpose-revealed. Joy is the reserve of those who are free from inner conflict and transition to inner harmony. When you are in a state of joy you flow in the rhythm of life.

To be joyful you must live passionately. What are you passionate about? Go for it. Live life with a sense of purpose! Discover the problem you were created to solve on earth; get busy being a solution to the lives of many.

Don’t get entangled with the overwhelming activities of life that make you lose sight of things that have eternal value. Get engaged in the simple and yet important things that are worthwhile and matter to your well-being and the well-being of others; things that synchronize with your purpose and passion and you will be lifted with joy.


Become a dispenser of joy by creating happy conditions for others and the well-spring of joy within you will never run dry. The Gospel of Jesus Christ could be termed as Good news that incites joy. Read and study the teachings of Jesus, meditate on them and you will be filled with unspeakable joy.

Think joy———— Thoughts are the crucible of life

Talk joy————– Words give expression to your world

Believe in joy——- Beliefs fashion your reality

Act joy————— Actions create an outcome

Give joy————-  What you get is determined by what you give.    



  • Examine and evaluate your emotional life. What are your dominant emotions? Are they positive emotions or are they negative emotions? Write them down.
  • What triggers your negative emotions? Make a committed decision to redirect your thoughts and actions to constructive and positive thoughts and actions.
  • Make peace of mind your passionate pursuit in life; be at peace with God, and self, and strive as much as you can to be at peace with all people.
  • Make a committed decision to cultivate and develop positive emotions as an integral part of your behavior or lifestyle.
  • Daily confess; “I refuse to be offended by anyone and I readily and freely forgive. I choose to walk in love; faith and hope”.



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