The Universe works by Principles – the Laws of Life are the Realities of Life.

We live in a divinely ordered universe. The laws governing life or the universe are designed to uphold the universe. The mission of laws is to protect, preserve and direct our thoughts, words, and behavior in order in order for us to live our best, and experience a remarkable life.

The laws of life could be likened to electricity. We all know that electricity conducts energy that could be used for various purposes in which one of the major purposes is to transmit light which when it is switched on brightens every room and dispels darkness.

However, if one abuse or violates the law of electricity or its usefulness it can lead to a fire outbreak or electrical shock which may lead even to the death of the individual or cause body damage and pain. The laws of life when correctly applied light every aspect of our destinies and dispel darkness or ignorance – the illusions of life.

 Whenever we abuse or violate these laws we experience negative consequences in our destinies. Therefore, the laws that rule life were never intended to punish mankind but were designed to give mankind the scepter of dominion over the universe.

Every lasting gain in life is a product of knowledge that is rooted in the right application or use of the laws of life which is by functioning from the world of reality. The laws governing life are founded on justice and love; partiality or fault can never be found in it.


These laws apply in the same measure and context to both the rich and the poor alike; to kings and to peasants; to the strong and to the weak; to leaders and followers; to the physically disabled and to the physically abled.

We cannot alter the laws of life or the realities of life but we can alter ourselves to know, understand and act on these laws making them become part of our being, thereby ridding ourselves from ignorance or illusions and its attendant consequences which results in an exceptional life.


Love is a feeling.


Love is the choice we make, it makes no difference how we feel – it is an action word that causes us to be alert and sensitive to the needs of others and act in the best interest of others. 


  • The illusory kind of love is driven by feelings. Feelings can undergo a spiral of changes; they can be unpredictable, unstable, and temporal. However, real love is based on and driven by values that are anchored on timeless truths or principles thus, producing stability and permanence. Value-centered love loves despite feelings.
  • The illusory kind of love is based on the object of love – a person. However, the object of love is subject to change – the appearance may change, etc and when the object of love changes, so does the love changes. However, real love has its source from the Divinity within and loves based on an unchangeable core within rather than on the object of love.
  • The illusory kind of love responds according to the behavior and attitude of others. However, value-centered love responds according to the values upheld.
  • The illusory kind of love is conditional or performance-based on our interest or expectation of the other while real love is unconditionally based. The unconditional kind of love can forgive the undeserving, show kindness, and help those who don’t like you or even may hate you.  
  • Unconditional love can lead to feelings but it is not based on feelings rather it is based on values.  Unconditional love can be experienced and expressed even when one does not have the emotional, romantic feelings of love. The illusory kind of love depends on emotions and hormones as its substance and when the exhilaration stages fade the “love” or infatuation also fades away.
  •  Best of all unconditional love or value-centered love can be applied to the rest of life and not just in personal relationships to make the best of life. Unconditional love yields amazing results in all situations and in every human relationship and in all dealings with people; with employees, business partners, or business clients. The illusory kind of love sabotages human relationships.
  • Unconditional love is a powerful force for good that can inspire you with the vision, creativity, and power to bless the lives of others in a special way and for their highest good even when it is not convenient. Unconditional love can transform lives from the inside out.  


At the root of all human problems facing the world is selfishness. The root is below the ground and cannot be seen but we can see the fruits above the ground and we all know that without the roots there can be no fruits.

So it applies the root of love produces the fruits of positive lives while the root of selfishness produces the fruits of negativity in life. Therefore, the fruits we produce in life are the outworking of the roots embedded in our minds.


 Love births all the good and positive things in life; selfishness produces all the bad and negative things in life. Love and selfishness are always at war or conflict with each other and if we must win the war, we must love on purpose and choose to manifest the divinity within. Love is an embodiment of the Divine nature; Selfishness is the character of human nature.


Selfishness is being consumed with self – the desire and cravings of the human flesh or senses. Selfishness is putting self above others. Selfishness is living for self; living to please self without the consideration of the welfare of others.

Selfishness is being obsessed with self; our needs and wants to the exclusion of all others. Selfishness is a sself-conceited view. Therefore, selfishness is synonymous with the words: self-focused; self-centered; self-absorbed; self-seeking; self-serving, and self-consumed.


The greatest plague of the human race is selfishness. Society has imbibed us with the notion to always ask, “What’s in it for me? I’ll help you, but what will I get in return?” We’ve been taught by our human nature to manipulate and use others for our selfish desires.

But as long as we remain self-centered, our world will be shallow and blighted. Our families are torn apart, relationships are marred, marriages split, businesses crumble, careers are stunted, vision is abolished, leadership loses relevance, and happiness is lost because of the ideology of being a taker rather than being a giver.

We’ve lost sight of what is really important in our lives, and much more, we’ve become wrapped up in a cocoon of self-conceited “success” that is fleeting. In the abundance of freedom, we live in bondage; in the abundance of harmony, we live in despair.

We grope about in darkness, not seeing the light because we have closed our minds to the destinies of others. We become a miniature of what we were destined to be, and then we ask God, “Why?”

When you are always on your mind, you become caged in a prison called “self”. When you are set free from “self”; you become free to love and really live. The “me” mentality is the “takers” mentality and it takes away peace of mind and the joy of living. The “you” mentality is the givers’ mentality and it gives happiness and a rich harvest of blessings. Always wanting your “way” and wanting to appear important is the prelude to depravity.


Love is one of the most misunderstood and abused words in the world. Everyone seems to claim to know the meaning of love, however, in the lives of many their lives betray their knowledge of what love truly means.

Love cannot be adequately defined by the human mind or intellect but can only be experienced and expressed by the manifestation of its qualities.

Love is humane compassionate acts void of selfishness and consists of a pure motive shown or showered on others. Genuine love does not have a price tag on it for it gives of itself unconditionally.

 Love is the offspring of the heart. It is ever so consistent and constant, regardless of whether the other person deserves it or not. Love is more than a feeling we have; it is a choice we make-the committed choice to act in the best interest of others irrespective of how we feel.

Unrefined feelings are short-lived and self-centered in nature; while love is eternal and generous. Love is the vital force with vital proof.


  • Love is patient,
  • Love is kind.
  • It does not envy,
  • It does not boast,
  • It is not proud.
  • It is not rude,
  • It is not self-seeking,
  • It is not easily angered.
  • It keeps no record of wrongs
  • Love does not think evil
  • Does not rejoice in wrong-doing
  •  But rejoices with the truth
  • It can handle anything
  • Always trusts
  • Always hopes
  • Always perseveres
  • Love never fails.
  • Saint Paul  

In the domain of destiny, you are not valuable because of what you know, who you know, what you are, or what you own. You are valuable only according to your capacity to love.

Happiness is found when you give your love away. Contentment is found when you make your life count for love. Fulfillment is found when you live to love and love to give. Misery is found when you are the center of your world. Unhappiness is found when selfishness becomes a lifestyle. Frustration is found when you seek external factors to make you happy.

 Self-centeredness is at the center of the wretchedness of mind and character. People-centeredness is at the center of a bountiful life. Life’s way is the love-way. When we get over ourselves we will discover that we get over the “mountain” in our lives which is – self.

Life can only get better when we make someone else’s life better. Until you are sick and tired of being full of yourself you can never be full of God and until you are full of God you can never be full of love and until you are full of love you can never be full of life. When you model generosity you connect to the joy of living.



The cost of love is sacrifice; the strength of love is truth; the dignity of love is respect; the benefit of love is benevolence; the foundation of love is purity; the effort of love is commitment. And it is on the scale of love that success is weighed. When love becomes your greatest aim you become armed to conquer life in all its frontiers.

 How powerful our life is dependent on how powerful our love walk is. Everything in the world is temporal only love has eternal value. Love is what makes us useful to the world. The love way is the most excellent way. When you make love your first priority you make waves in the world and will not be lost in the journey of life.

 Without love, life echoes emptiness. Until we are clothed with love we are stripped of self-value. Love concentrate gives flavor to life and sweetens it. Nothing works without love. A love-full life is a truly rich-full life. The bankruptcy of love is the greatest form of bankruptcy in the world.

 When you make love the main thing in your life it becomes the mainstay of your destiny. Any victory not founded on love is empty. The greatest quest that is unquestionable is the love quest. The fruit of living is produced by the seed of giving.

 Every accomplishment that is not motivated by love is vanity. All gain is vain if it is void of love. When love rules our heart; when self ceases to consume our minds and love owns our entire being, motivating us into love-inspired actions, we become a conduit of power that transforms lives.

Joy flows from the spring of love and freshens the soul. When the tempest of bitterness, greed, and hatred rages; love elevates us into the indomitable realm. Love always conquers. Love is the healing balm of the wounded soul. Love soothes the failure-ridden heart. Love creates. Love transforms.

The murder of love in a heart is spiritual suicide. Love pours forth beauty and radiance. When love is stabbed beauty ceases. In the abundance of love, life blossoms. In the fire of love, life glows. In the rain of love, life is purified. The trait that runs through all creation is love.


“Without exception, every person who has a great life used love to achieve it. The power to have all the positive and good things in life is LOVE


When love ceases, life ceases. The universe came into existence by the power of love and it is sustained by love. Love is the reason behind creation. Every human creation is birthed and upheld by love. Your life can never be magnificent until your love is magnificent. When you are filled with love every day, you will be filled with joy every day and your energy level will soar.

Your entire life is shaped and formed by your ability to give and receive love or by your inability to give and receive love. You understand how life works when you know and understand what love really is. Love works with; works through and works in the universe.

“Love is the cause of all the good things in your life, and a lack of love is the cause of all the negative things and all the pain and suffering. Tragically, a lack of knowledge and understanding of the power of love is clear in people’s lives across the planet today and in the entire history of humanity.”


When the love label is evident in your life, you will experience the highest quality of life. When love is lost; meaning is lost. Without love, true fulfillment becomes evaded. True success can be found in the heart where love is found. Power fades where love fades.

Authority weakens when the strength of love weakens. Power is the offspring of the potency of love. Excelling in love is the gateway to excelling in all areas of life. Your commitment to the love walk is the greatest commitment to life’s walk.

The value you bring about by love determines your value in life. When love becomes your trademark, you will tread the high places of the earth. The label of love licenses us for influence. When you abound in love your prosperity perpetuates. When love becomes your greatest pursuit legacy is birthed.

The pursuit of love brings peace and prosperity to life. When you are captured by the love you become free from captivity. Focusing on love causes a shift in lifestyle. Love is the light that dispels the darkness. To be love-ruled, love-owned, and love-motivated, we need to be intentional.



Once upon a time, former boxing writer Harold Conrad visited a women’s prison with heavy-weight fighter Muhammad Ali, “All the inmates lined up” reported Conrad. “They were ooh-ing and aah-ing as Ali went along. There were some good-looking ones. But he kissed only the ugly ones.” After they had departed from the prison, Conrad asked the fighter to explain why he chose to kiss only those women, “Because no one ever kisses the ugly girls,” he responded.

Unconditional love is all-inclusive. The springs of unconditional love water and refresh everyone that comes in contact with it without discrimination. Love is not exclusive or cliquish. Our acts won’t measure up when our hearts won’t mature up and our hearts won’t mature up when we don’t step up our love walk.


Love is not sex. Sex outside of a marriage relationship is a product of lust. Lust devalues; love enhances value. Love nurtures life; lust breeds death. Love dispenses the rich blessings of life; lust dispenses junk. Therefore, to have a lustful life is to live a junk-filled existence.

Love releases; lust possesses. Love never possesses anyone rather love releases people to be free to make their choices and to be themselves. Therefore, love is not a control freak. Love does not exert its effort in trying to change people rather love seeks to add value to people so that people can be free to make the choice to change themselves.

Because love is what counts most in life, love centers its attention on what really counts. Love is the eternal game-changer that is capable of changing life in its entirety.

Love expresses itself in truth. Therefore, we must speak the truth in love. Only the truth spoken in love has transforming power. Truth spoken outside love has destructive power that penetrates the mind to destroy the self-esteem of others. Fear is demolished when love is embellished.   


Life is yelling! “There is a banquet of an abundance of everything you need to live a fulfilled life. Are you ready to be a partaker of this banquet?” Yes! There is more than enough for everyone but you must be ready. Life does not engage in the game of luck and chance but only those who are prepared will partake of the bounties of life.

Life’s banquet includes unlimited supplies, health, happiness, fulfilling relationships, growth, peace, security, freedom, opportunity and so much more. In order to access and claim these bounties, you must purchase the ticket for the banquet at the cost of love. The force of love is your access ticket to purchase this vault of valuables from life.

Yes! Your preparation to be a partaker of the banquet entails flooding your thoughts and feelings with love. Your life is shaped by what you love and by your lack of love. Every thought and feeling gives out returns to its source which is you. As the writer of the script of your life; whatever storylines you choose to put down will direct and become your life episodes.


When a co-worker gets the promotion and the raise we’ve been longing for; are we genuinely excited for them? Are we truly excited about the success, progress, and happiness of others? Or do we pretend to be happy when the individual is there but feel “sick in the stomach” as a result of their progress?

Do we judge and criticize people out of envy and jealousy? Do we talk people down and make them look small so that we can look “big”? Here’s the catch, “What you feel about another person, what you think or say about another person, what you do to another person- you do to YOU” this is a Law.

That’s the reason when you think you are hurting another person, in essence, you are hurting your own destiny and life.  Whenever we give out negative thoughts and feelings, we attract them into our life negativity. However, when our thoughts and feelings are full of love, we attract positive and good things to our lives.

Therefore, when next you see someone possess the things or qualities you desire to have; become excited and feel good about it, and you will attract the same into your life. Resentment, guilt, depression, criticism, and the like represent a lack of love in your thoughts and feelings and these will bring all sorts of negativity into your life through people, circumstances, and events.

Make a decision and get into the habit of emitting love into the universe and life will beckon and lavish on you its abundance.


We have the ability to give and express love because we have received the love of Christ. We are representing Jesus on earth; that means we are to take His place by loving in His place. Love is a spiritual force that the senses cannot comprehend or fathom. Love is the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit in union with the human spirit that transcends the soul and expresses itself through the body.

To walk in love is to live in the will of God. When we live in the love domain, we live in the realm of answered prayers. When you step out of love, you step into sin-missing the mark. Love is God revealed in the human flesh. Jesus came to reveal and manifest a new kind of love to the human race.

When you are dominated by love, the dominion of the physical senses or flesh over the human spirit is broken. When you are love-dominated you become Spirit-ruled. When you live outside love, you live in the danger zone-vulnerable to the attacks of the enemy.

When you walk outside love-way, you walk on the thorny path that chokes your soul, wounding the core of your being. When you live in the love realm you live in the victorious realm.

Having the God-kind of love is made possible by Jesus living in us and loving through us. Love never takes advantage of anyone rather love gives advantageous gifts to others. Love bears the burden of the weak rather than being overbearing towards others. Trouble always surfaces when love dissipates. Selfishness can only be overcome with love just as light always overcomes darkness.

Journey on the high road of love; love your enemies. Bless and do not curse; overcome evil with good. Let Jesus become the King of your heart and the Lord of your life. Let love reign and our ideal will be manifested.

Ponder on this:

People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered; forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives; be kind anyway.

If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true friends; succeed anyway.

If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you; Be honest and frank anyway.

What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight; build anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous; Be happy anyway.

The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow; do good anyway.

Give the world your best anyway.

You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God; it was never between you and them anyway.

-Mother Teresa



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