“Character is the pedestal that determines how much weight a person can sustain. If your character is the size of a toothpick, you can only sustain a postage stamp. If your character is as thick as a column, you can sustain a roof.”


Once upon a time, there lived the Medicis who were the wealthiest and most powerful family in Italy at the time. The Medicis commissioned Michelangelo to create a statue for the main square in Florence and immediately Michelangelo set his mind to accomplish his assignment. After two years of intense search, Michelangelo discovered a huge slab of marble on a side street of Florence covered with dirt, overgrown with weeds. Amazingly, he had treaded this street several times and had never discovered the marble, but on that particular day he looked more closely and beyond the apparent into the potential embedded in it. Michelangelo began to envision the statue of David in its entirety in the block of marble.

The sculptor uncovered the dirt from the marble and hauled it to his studio; he began to work on the marble. He engaged in the arduous task of hammering and chiseling and it took two years of work to create the rough outline of the statue. He spent another two years polishing and sanding before the statue was completed. Finally, the work was done and the once ordinary marble became a marvel to behold. Thousands of people from all over Italy gathered in the main square to behold this masterpiece.


 When it was unveiled, people cheered. Women fainted. The sight was awesome and people were gripped in wonder at the breath-taking masterpiece. Immediately, Michelangelo was recognized as the greatest sculptor of his age. Michelangelo was asked how he was able to create such a masterpiece, he replied by saying that he saw the David complete and perfect in the marble.All he had to do was to remove everything that was not the David. After several hundreds of years, the statue of David is perceived as the most beautiful piece of sculptor in the world.

The story above could be applied to human lives. Each of us was created a masterpiece with “breathtaking” greatness within us. However, due to past conditioning, our association with contaminating and corrupting influences the greatness within us may have been covered with dirt and overgrown with weeds and our destinies may just seem common and ordinary. Just as Michelangelo discovered the huge slab of marble, we must discover our greatness in order to reinvent our lives.

Michelangelo had the perfect picture of the statue of David in his mind before he began working on the Marble; even so you must have a perfect picture of the kind of person you want to become in your mind (self-ideal) before you get to work on self.  And this working on self is a lifestyle and lifetime process of developing character, pressing onto perfection. The perfect role model in the absolute sense is Jesus – with absolute perfect character and mind-blowing success that has transcended time. You can ask yourself “What would Jesus do?” at every turn of your daily choices.

Michelangelo was asked how he was able to create such a masterpiece, he replied by saying that he saw the David complete and perfect in the marble. All he had to do was to remove everything that was not the David.Herein lies the key in developing a sound moral character- Mentally envision yourself as possessing the same qualities that Jesus possessed, then come back to the present and daily work on everything that does not represent Jesus in your way of life by focusing on developing the virtues that Jesus possessed. In every defining moment, remember to ask yourself, “What would Jesus do?” then act accordingly.

You must lead a life of clarity; you must have complete clarity about what you stand for. You should not vacillate but rather you should be resolute. Life becomes animalistic when there are no values and virtues to live by.

Strive to develop your character to command a high level of trust; a high trust character commands respect from people; a high trust character makes for succeeding long term relationships with people; a high trust character attracts opportunities for growth and advancement; a high trust character builds strong and flourishing businesses; a high trust character is a sought-after personality trait that prizes you above others.

Your gift makes room for you but your character keeps you there and makes you advance to greater rooms and secure a place in destiny.



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