“No man achieves great success who is unwilling to make personal sacrifices”

  • Napoleon Hill.

Self-control is critical to sustainable success. Self-discipline is vital to the quality of your entire life. Self-control shapes your self-concept. The greater the self-control you possess, the higher your self-concept will be. In other words, the more you exercise control over yourself, the more you will like and value yourself.

On the flip side: A lack of self-control produces a negative self-concept which makes the individual engage in self-sabotaging behavior.

Self-discipline breeds self-respect and self-respect attracts respect from people as the individual exudes respect for others due to the deep respect he or she has for himself or herself.

The more you exercise self-discipline the more personal power you command, and the more success you attract.

Self-discipline must be a life-long habit if you must progressively journey in the direction of success on your life’s journey. The development of self-discipline is the development of personal success.

You become unstoppable when your self-discipline becomes unbreakable. The kind of person you are becoming determines if you will attract sustainable success or repel success. Self-control is the personal power required for accomplishments in life.


In today’s world, knowledge and skill are highly prized and change is becoming fast-paced. To be among the front liners in your career or profession, you must constantly deepen your knowledge base and continually upgrade your skills to meet the demands of the ever-changing times.

Your creativity must be stirred up and hard work must be intelligently directed to gain mastery in your field of expertise. Self-discipline is what makes all these possible.

Your ability to develop the self-discipline to take up more responsibilities and work harder will distinguish you for a progressive motion to the top in your chosen field of endeavor.

Hard work intelligently directed is the way out of a hard life. And hard work is powered by self-discipline.

Success becomes predictable when you engage in actions that lead to success. Failure is also predictable when you engage in actions that lead nowhere or lead outright to the dungeon of failure.

We get out of life what we put into life. Low-value activities will never produce high-level success and high-level activities will never lead to failure or mediocrity.

People who turn on their success drive on the highway of success and focus on working to become more as their priority before doing and having more. They get to work on themselves first before working to do and have more.

On the reverse: the unsuccessful people focus on having more as their priority, giving little attention to “doing” and outrightly neglecting becoming more. This implies, that their pursuit is to have more while doing little and neglecting to work on themselves to become more –they end up with the crumbs of life or engage in actions that eventually sabotage their destiny.

Everyone wants the prize of consistent success. However, it is only those who are willing and actually pay the price and keep it going that gain the prize of consistent success.

Nothing succeeds like the habitual practice of self-discipline. It is the power that turns-on success and excellence.



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