“Fix your thoughts on what is true and honorable and right. Think about things that are pure and lovely and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.”

  • Paul the Apostle.


Ideal mindset is the mindset that fosters fulfilling relationships with people both on personal and professional levels. Relationship with people is a vital part of life that we just cannot do without. We can’t maximize our potential and destiny without a harmonious and fulfilling relationship with people.

Most of the health challenges are caused by people’s problems. Human relationship friction can disrupt the peace of mind. In other words, you can’t enjoy peace of mind without living in peace with people. You can’t even succeed in the domain of life without the cooperation of people. Functioning in the ideal mindset empowers you to engage in actions that create harmonious and fulfilling relationships with people.

Trust is the binding element of all succeeding relationships with people and love is the motivating power that makes human relationships work successfully. All these are only possible when operating in the ideal mindset.

Functioning in the ideal mindset attracts great people to your life. Remember, you attract what you are.



The ideal mindset is the creative mindset where ideas that create and attract wealth flow.  There is a world of difference between being broke and being poor. Poverty is not the absence of money but the absence of self-discovery and it is the poverty mentality that keeps people perpetually poor.

It is the poverty mentality that makes people cheat, steal and do all the wrong things just to get and amass wealth; this category of people cannot create, attract, grow, and manage wealth because of their poverty mentality which only thinks of ways of swindling other peoples’ possession or embezzling funds alien to the ideal mindset. It is the poverty mentality that makes people greedy and hoards whatever they have. The poverty mentality thrives on scarcity rooted in negativity.

Take away all the money and assets from a truly rich individual, the person may be broke for a while but in the process of time, the individual will create and attract riches again. Along the same vein, give a poor man wealth and he will mismanage the wealth and become poor again.

There is also an in-between, an individual with the ideal mindset though broke for a season is not poor because the individual has ideas that can solve practical human problems that could create and attract wealth. The individual is broke for a while as the person works towards executing these ideas and as the ideas are executed the finances grow and he manages and grows the resources effectively until he becomes wealthy and sustains the wealth.

Therefore, the figures in the bank account do not really determine if one is poor or rich but the mindset – it is the mindset that creates valuable ideas, attracts, manages, and grows wealth;  it is also the mindset that repels great ideas and embraces demeaning ideas that create problems for others; mismanages money and keeps the individual poor.

Consequently, the individual with the ideal mindset develops and grows the mentality that makes him create value for himself and others while the individual with the poverty mentality which runs contrary to the ideal mindset creates problems for others because of the short-cut or negative mentality.

Therefore, the ideal mindset creates and attracts financial freedom.



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