The four levels of relationships are interrelated and intertwined with each other; one cannot be effective and maximized without the other. These four levels of relationships must function coherently in a balanced way to produce stability in our lives.


Your relationship with God is a vital necessity in our lives as He is the Source of all life. This is the most important of all relationships. When our relationship with God becomes distant or dysfunctional, it breeds dysfunction in the other levels of relationships. We have been wired to have an intimate relationship with God and without it, there will exist a vacuum in our hearts which nobody, material or earthly gain can fill or satisfy the longing of the heart for a close relationship with God.  Embedded in our relationship with God is the security we need to function effectively in the domain of life. Our relationship with God offers us an accurate lens in which to use to see ourselves and others. And when we see ourselves and others using the lens of unconditional love and value, we manifest actions that will culminate in relational harmony.

It is on the platform of this relationship that our motives are transformed to become love-motivated-to love ourselves and others unconditionally. However, if our relationship with God is distant or if there is duplicity in our motive regarding our relationship with God, it will impede the relationship, moreover, the duplicity will spill over to other levels of relationship.


God is love. When we are in close relationship with Him, He gives us His Love-nature and infuses us with the ability to love. And it is the God-kind of love or unconditional love-that which respects self and others; honors and places a high value on people and give self to serve others is the solution to the world’s relationship crisis.

Relationship with God is the fundamental key in shaping our character and in refining our motives in order to live our best and make the world a better place.



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