The winning policy which is embedded in the win/win mindset is not a policy that supports power struggle in relationships or in human interactions but it focuses on issues rather than on personalities or position to bring about the best achievable outcome for everyone.
• In your relationships intentionally establish the winning policy by informing the other person that no decision will be reached and implemented until both of you feels good about it. And if either party feels like he or she is losing the individual should immediately express it in order to come up with a better alternative that everyone feels good about.
• To come up with a better or higher alternative which everyone feels good about, there is need to listen with the intent to really understand the feelings of each other. When all parties involved feels understood by each other then the next step…
• Commit the issue to God in prayers, seeking His counsel and guidance. Seek God’s will, and both parties should sincerely desire to yield to whatever God says either in His word or as He directs…
• With the understanding of each other’s feelings; everyone involved should come up with creative ideas. Never judge any of those ideas but keep bringing them on.
• At the end of each one proffering solutions, you may discover that you can feel good about adopting or accepting the other person’s previous view point or the person ends up accepting yours or a better alternative agreed upon that everyone is satisfied with.


Remember, at the heart of the winning policy is a mutual beneficial agenda that is in alignment with the voice of conscience rooted in eternal principles that flows from an abundance mentality or the win/win mindset.



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