We dispel illusions by turning on the timeless truths and as we keep the lights turned on, we see our way through life without stumbling and falling into destiny damage or wreckage. And as we walk in the light of timeless truths we experience the reality of an exceptional life with its attendant rewards.


People who are wealthy or successful are more important than those who are not.


All men and women are equally important – everyone is a VIP, while some are famous.

The inability to discern and recognize the value and importance of each individual including self is the springboard of almost all human failures – organizational failure, institutional failure, family failure, personal failure, and governmental failure.

Until value is recognized it becomes extinguished. What you do not value cannot profit you. The value that is recognized evolves, grows, expands, and yields long-term rewards.

How you see what you see will determine how you treat what you see and therein lies the bane of many destinies and the triumphs and lifting of the few who can recognize the value.

The Law of Recognition espouses:

  • Everything you need is already in your life merely awaiting your recognition of it.
  • Anything unrecognized remains uncelebrated by you.
  • Anything you refuse to celebrate eventually exits your life…A gift, A Person.


We tend to place value on people based on our perception of them which is not always accurate rather than on their intrinsic worth thus, falling into the trap of an illusion.

 You can walk through the land in an area where shanties (lowly esteemed) are being built but right beneath that land is a gold mine. By your perception, you immediately detest owning the land or staying in that area. However, if you are an individual that can discern and recognize value, there will be an inner knowing that there is something great about that land that may not be visible to the physical senses.

When you judge and make decisions by mere appearances, you function from the world of illusion that attracts failing consequences.

There is no limit to how farther you can go, how deep and widespread your influence can be, how high you can reach if you really value people enough. The greatest and worthwhile accomplishments are the reserves of those who make it their clarion call to recognize the value in people and treat them with honor. And you will live a limited life if you do not value people – each individual.


I never cease to learn from the greatest Man who ever lived, who also doubles as my role model. Learning the life-changing principles He taught and set in motion and His Person-how He lived. Both His Principles and Person amazes me beyond measure. However, His Person is the most intriguing which is in complete alignment with the principles He taught.

Here was a Man who valued everyone equally; He attended to and served the poor, the blind, the beggar, the rich, the great, the lowly. No one was too lowly to be ignored and disregarded (both in private and in public) and no one was too mighty or great to be feared. He knew the intrinsic worth and value of human beings and discerned and recognized their potential.

No wonder, He accomplished so much beyond that which any human has ever accomplished within three and one-half years.

This is huge: His disciples that He had chosen (most of them of lowly status who were unlearned) and mentored, hazarded their lives, turning the world upside-down to spread the message that He had taught them-they were unstoppable. This happened not just because of the message but much more because of His Person – what He stood for and the way He lived: His entire ministry life as they had witnessed up close. His name is Jesus Christ.


Scientists reveal, that if a man were to attempt to create a human brain, would be bulky in size, and would require lots of power to operate. It could cost billions of dollars, it will take the most brilliant minds in the world, and yet with its size, cost, and power requirements, this man-made brain would not have the creative capacity stored between your ears.

This implies that the worth of a human being is priceless. You are inestimable. Oh! Yes! It can only take the Master Creator to make You.

This is huge: The reality that every human being has been created in the image and likeness of God which gives each individual the unbreakable seal of importance from which our intrinsic or self-worth springs from. This unbreakable seal of importance on each individual is something to be honored. The Scripture admonishes, “Honor all men.”   

Mary Kay Ash reveals, “God didn’t have time to create a nobody – just a somebody. I believe that each of us has God-given talents within us waiting to be brought to fruition. Each person is unique and special.”

Ponder on this:

“The man or woman who realizes that he is “something” not because of what he has done or how good he has been, but by the grace of God in endowing him with, a certain innate worth, develops healthy self-esteem. The man or woman who doesn’t realize this tries to give himself significance by making money, gaining power, getting his name on the paper, or in a hundred other ways. Not only is he what we call an “egotist,” when we use that word in its worst sense, but his continual unsatisfied hunger for self-esteem is what causes most of the trouble in this world.”



Timeless Gem

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