We will never gain mastery over life if we do not gain mastery over our mouth and we will never gain mastery over our mouth if we do not gain mastery over our minds. We say what we think and we get what we say. Think truly, talk truly, live truly, and you will gain the freedom that only the truth gives.


When you keep your word you keep your honor. When you keep your word you keep your self-respect.  Think twice before giving your word. Count the cost of making a promise or commitment before ever making a promise and follow through in keeping your promise irrespective of how you may feel and the sacrifice involved.

In the case that you genuinely cannot keep your promise due to circumstances out of your control, then you get to inform the person early enough and work out a way you can fulfill the promise at an appropriate time or if not possible ask the person to kindly release you from the promise.

When your word is your bond you become free from the bondage of deceit. Let your “Yes” be “Yes” and your “No” be “No.” Say what you mean and mean what you say and your words will mean a great deal to people.

When people cannot count on your words, count yourself out of a life that matters. When you think that your words do not matter your life will not matter. A loosed mouth loses the honor.

If you can close a business deal with just a handshake, without a written contract and yet you get to keep to the terms of the agreement, you possess honor. 


It has become outrageously difficult for many people to keep their word. They speak flippantly and afterward pant for credibility and respect from others because people cannot count on their words and hence, they do not regard them.

You see, genuine respect cannot be borrowed from a position, money, or anything outward. Genuine respect is earned because of the kind of person you are, there can be no substitute.

When an individual is unable to keep people’s secrets the individual becomes a traitor to the destiny of others.

When your words are not worthwhile your destiny becomes worthless. People who do not value their words cannot add real value to the lives of others. People who do not value their words have little or no value in the world.

 When you understand that your words have a far-reaching effect on your life and the lives of others, then you have the understanding required to go far in life. People who have made a habit of not keeping to their commitments have committed themselves to a failing life.

“White lies,” “blue lies” and all the color-coated lies reflect a faulty character and dent your personality into making your destiny an ugly sight that repels a fulfilling life. When you keep your word you keep the bond of success.

Pay attention to what you say if you want to attain the success you deserve. Let wisdom rule your mouth rather than emotions. When you walk your talk, life will work for you.



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At some point, she was a motivational columnist, writing Success Recipe and Destiny Catalyst, for two Nigerian national newspapers, Vanguard and ThisDay, respectively. She is the initiator of the Revolution Series Seminars