“If your word is no good, eventually you will be no good.”


A Japanese scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto in the 1990s performed a series of experiments observing the physical effects of words, prayers, music, and environment on the crystalline structure of water.

 Dr. Emoto hired photographers to take pictures of water after being exposed to the different variables and subsequently frozen so that they would form crystalline structures.

The water before prayer was polluted and the water after prayer was clean. After observing these amazing results, Dr. Emoto went on to type out different words, both positive and negative in nature and taped them to containers full of water.

The water stamped with positive words such as “Love and Appreciation”; “Thank you,” was far more symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing than that stamped with dark, negative phrases such as: “You make me sick”; “I will kill you”; “Adolph Hitler”.

“This is one of the more difficult areas to clarify. However, from continuing these experiments we have come to the conclusion that the water is reacting to the actual words.

For example, for a trip to Europe, we tried using the words “thank you” and “you fool” in German. The people on our team who took the actual photographs of the crystals did not understand the German for “you fool” and yet we were able to obtain exactly the same kind of results in the different crystal formation based on the words used”.

  • Dr. Masaru Emoto


Words were spoken beside each sample and the water changed its structure based on these words. Bad words negatively affected the structure of the water while good words and prayer helped in making the water crystals take beautiful shapes.

This gives us an insight into the effect of words in shaping human lives and the events or conditions of life, taking into consideration that the human body is made up of 85% water.



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