The world is the domain of people and where there are people, there are relationships. Invariably, life is all about relationships. The saying, “no man is an island” holds true in all ramifications of life.

Each one of us was born into a relationship that we never did choose (we never chose our father and mother and consequently our family). And as we grew up our circle of relationships expanded as we contacted the world around us and thus we began to make choices of whom to connect with. And as we grew older, so did the freedom of the gift of choice expand.

Therefore, as we grew into adulthood we choose all our relationships with people except for the family we were born into. We do not only choose our relationships with people, we also choose how we function in the relationships or our involvement in them. This capacity to choose how we participate in our relationships makes us responsible for our feelings and actions in our relationships.

What really matters in life are relational matters. We were born into relationships; we were made for relationships; we thrive through relationships. Invariably, we cannot live effectively and maximally without relationships.

The touchdown on life touches on relationships. Your involvement with life is your involvement with people or relationships. The entry point of life seals the escape route from relationships. To be in touch with life is to be in touch with relationships. Relational success is the key that unlocks all other successes in the different spheres or domains of life.


When relationships lose harmony, discordant living sets in. It is impossible to live a fulfilling without having fulfilling relationships in the different areas of life.

There must be a relationship revolution for the resolution of the mess the world is in. Lonely hearts are the product of relational emptiness. There is a heart craving for connectedness; it is the greatest soul’s desire. We were designed to live in connection with God; with ourselves and with other people. Until this connection is in place, a vacuum will take its place. Every soul is thirsty for love-to love and to be loved. To be valued is the quest of the human heart.

As we navigate through this series on relationships we will gain the wisdom that makes for harmonious relationships that produce a maximized life.



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