Creation indicates the existence of a Creator. Every creator of some sort designs and desires his or her product or idea to succeed and that desire is deeply rooted in the love the individual has for the product or idea.

As human beings we have our Creator who is also the Creator of the universe and the Source of all life. He made us in His image and likeness on purpose, for a purpose and with a purpose and He specially designed us to succeed. Therefore, we are God’s brand, success sealed with His stamp of approval, born out of His unconditional love for us.

As God’s special creation, you are uniquely made as it is scientifically evident in the fact that nobody has ever had or will ever have the exact fingerprint, voice, features or personality as you. That implies, you are one of a kind; incomparable to no one. You also have a unique purpose to fulfill in which no one else can fill the gap.  You have been success equipped from conception which means that everything you need to become all that you were created to be having been packaged within you; gifts, abilities, creativity, discipline, etc.


The knowledge and understanding of our Creator’s unconditional love for us stir within us faith in Him which banishes fear and releases courage within us to play our part on the stage of life. Our confidence should be founded in the reality that we are doing life with our Creator and He has already endorsed us to succeed as His brand. In the soil of unconditional love the root of fear dies.

Never take a back seat in life crippled by fear nut rather make a head start with faith and head up courageously to the land of your dreams. To live courageously, free from insecurity, we must recognize and understand that our true worth and value comes from our Creator rather than other people’s opinion of us and the superficial things of life. Our Creator esteems us as priceless; greatly prized. It’s indeed amazing that our Creator knows our weaknesses, faults and all and He still loves us because His kind of love is not performance-based. This precious kind of love frees us from the pressure to perform and enable us to live our best without the pressure to impress anyone but with the pleasure to express our uniqueness and individuality.

We can be secured in our Creator’s unconditional love towards us. When our sense of security is founded on God’s unconditional love for us, it banishes insecurity from our personality which is rooted in fear. God’s unconditional love is the healing balm of the soul; it mends the broken heart; elevates from shame and satisfies the heart.

To be loved by the Monarch of the universe is the greatest honor of all and to live in the consciousness that you are His child is freedom from fear and insecurity into a life of ceaseless victories irrespective of the circumstances of life.



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