When we silence the mind we silent fear. Mental and physical relaxation is a stress reliever; relax in the consciousness of Divine Presence. Live in the present; prepare for the future-worry only makes you weary of life. Do not fear what the future holds but always focus on who holds the future-God. Maximize the present and you will minimize your problems.

Worry diffuses energy and infuses the agony of fear. The futility of worry makes actions sterile. When you give your best to the present you won’t give in to fear. When you live your best in the present you won’t live in fear. Concentrate on the task you are doing at every moment and you won’t infiltrate, your mind with fear. Focus all your energy and attention in the present moment and you won’t lose your focus to fear. Fear dissolves dreams unless you resolve to overcome it. The futility of worry makes worry fatal. Worrying about tomorrow only wearies you today and weakens your strength for tomorrow. Walk with God every day and you will walk out fear every day.

When you go out of your way to give help and succor to others, fear will get out of your way. When you become love motivated you cannot be fear inhibited. Compassion is the compass out of the voyage of fear. When your love pours out to all. you will be empty of all fears. When you live to love and live to give without discrimination you will gain the freedom from fear. When we open our hearts to love people, we close our hearts to fear. A giving mentality is a fearless mentality. Become a giver to the world; an embodiment of love, encouragement, compassion, inspiration, kindness, forgiveness and fear will lose control of your life. Indeed, the individual who conquers self has conquered fear,


When you are so busy organizing for success, the outcome of your plans will not be disorganized by fear.  Associate with confident and courageous people and you will disassociate from fear. To win the battles of life and lay hold on the victories, you must separate yourself from fearful and negative people because the company you keep determines what accompanies you.

 When you keep your gaze on seizing the prize, you won’t be seized by fear. To conquer fear we must guard our focus. In the pursuit of our goals and dreams we will encounter various distractions; circumstances, criticism, rejection from people, problems, other people’s agenda for us; but we must protect our focus by fixing our mental eyes always on our goals or dreams. Yes, we will certainly have to deal with the problems and circumstances of life but we must never allow our focus to shift away from the prize; our goals and dreams.

To consistently see the prize propels consistent, purposeful, and inspired actions to seize the prize.



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