Are you buffeted by the feelings of rejection? Do you hate your life? Do you feel unloved? Do you feel that your life does not matter? As we unveil the story of Rev. (Mrs.) Christiana Bamidele George, you will find your way out of the feelings of rejection to self-acceptance and from self-acceptance into a life of significance.

Let’s consider Bamidele George who has dedicated her life to abandoned children and the poor. Bamidele George is an accountant by profession and businesswoman who felt unloved during her childhood because her parents were obsessed with having a boy. In addition, being raised in a polygamous home with its attendant issues, she faced feelings of insecurity that fostered low self-esteem. ”I had feelings of rejection while growing up. It was so serious that there was a time I tried to hurt myself.” She confessed.

Her turning point came when she gave her life to Jesus Christ. Her life was touched and enveloped by the love of God, and her purpose was birthed. She discovered that she was created to help the underprivileged in society. Her passion to love, accept and help others feel loved soared as she shared the love of God that abounded in her heart.Consequently, Little Saints Orphanage was established in Lagos Nigeria, which is an extension of the Strong Tower Mission. The objectives of the Strong Tower Mission are:


1)        To care for the underprivileged in society who are poor, destitute, widows, women with unplanned pregnancies, orphans, and abandoned children.

 2)       To engage in charity work of all descriptions and generally demonstrate the love of God to all irrespective of race, color, or creed.

The widows are empowered to live useful lives by giving them financial aid for engaging in trade and the elderly are placed on allowances.

Little Saints Orphanage is the first private orphanage to be registered by Lagos State in Nigeria. It is a home for abandoned; abused; and orphaned children-rehabilitation and integration of children; where Bamidele helps to remove the children’s feelings of insecurity and helplessness by sharing God’s love with them.

At Little Saints Orphanage all the children that are of school age all attend schools. Since 2003, the youngsters in the orphanage began gaining admission into University. Presently, Little Saints Orphanage has turned out many graduates who are now gainfully employed.


Bamidele George initiated the formation of the Association of Orphanages and Homes Operators in Nigeria (ASOHON) made up of genuine registered Orphanages in Nigeria and she has been the elected President of ASOHON since 2009.

She has multiple awards to her credit.


  • An encounter with Jesus Christ is an encounter with true love and a relationship with Jesus Christ births a life of purpose and living for Jesus Christ is living a life of meaning.
  • Never waste your pain rather direct it to the purpose of changing lives.
  • Your life’s Purpose is always people-centered and not a self-centered ambition.
  • Your life’s Purpose will always soar on the wings of unconditional love.
  • Let go of the pain of the past and grow into the path of your future and maximize destiny.

Bamidele George has transformed her misery experience into an impactful mission on earth.



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